September 27, 2020
unique bottle chandelier

From Bottles to Lamps

Are you looking for inspiration for your next bottle craft project? Pinterest is a great place to visit.

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. There are literally hundreds of different wine bottle lamps and recycled bottle creations.

In this article we are featuring a few of our favorite bottle lamp pins.

wine bottle lamp on pinterest
Kate & Cassie Wine Bottle Lamp

A favorite wine bottle lamp makes for ambient lighting. This is a bottle of wine you would pick up in the store just for the awesome looking label. You can get step by step instructions on how to make this lamp in our Recycled Bottle Lamps book.

unique bottle chandelier
Colorful bottles make this a one of a kind chandelier

This is a very clever idea for re-purposing an old chandelier. Collect several green and white wine bottles with twist off caps. Remove the labels and paint the clear ones in different colors. Drill a hole through the bottle cap and attach the bottles around the chandelier.

wine bottle hurricane lanters
Wine Bottle Hurricane Lantern Trio

For this craft project you would have to straight cut the bottom of the bottle and make another diagonal cut at the top. This allow the heat of the candle to rise through the top, of course there is already a bottle opening, so the cut on top is for ascetic purposes only.

Upcycled plumbing lamp
Upcycled plumbing lamp

Here’s a project for the man cave! You can set this up through any combination of upcycled or new pipe fittings. Just be sure to allow enough room to feed your electrical wire through.

Horizontal Table Lamp
Horizontal Wine Bottle Table Lamp

Who says a wine bottle lamp needs to stand upright? This is the perfect desk or coffee table accessory. You can recreate this awesome lamp by using an upcycled pendant light, a couple of clamps, an Edison light bulb and a home made stand.

There are many more recycled bottle project ideas to be found.

Take a look at our Bottle Lamp Board on Pinterest.

Where do you find inspiration for your craft projects? Leave us a comment below.

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