January 23, 2021
Glass bottle etching tips

Glass Bottle Etching Made Easy

Are you ready to try etching glass bottles? Here’s a fun, easy and inexpensive way for creative etching.

With a variety of stencils and easy to use etching cream you will  be able to start your own projects in no time at all!

The glass etching process always seemed a little daunting to me. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an etching tool that I wasn’t really going to use that often (my free hand drawing isn’t all that great either). A big thanks to Eric for reaching out to us with these products and his informative site. Be sure to check out Eric’s glass etching kit, it is filled with tons of stencils and guides for etching glass – Glass Etching Deluxe Kit.

Now scroll down to learn how to etch a glass bottle in 3 easy steps…

Glass Bottle Etching Tips & Tricks

I was able to transform an ordinary S.Pellegrino water bottle into something spectacular. Beautiful etching and a simple string of battery operated LED lights turned this bottle into a showstopper. Find out how to make a Bottle Lamp Without Drilling Glass.

The products that I received were:

  • Over ‘N’ Over 5×8 Reusable Glass Etching Stencil
  • Armour Etching Cream For Glass & Mirrors

All I needed was:

  • A Soft Bristle Paint Brush
  • Masking Tape
  • An Empty Glass Bottle

With everything in place I was ready to begin. The etching is done in three easy steps: 

Step One –

Clean the glass bottle thoroughly. Be sure the area that you are about to etch is completely dry.

Inexpensive glass etching supplies
Applying stencils for glass etching
Step Two – 

Remove and apply the stencil from the sheet to the glass bottle and mask the edges. I used painters tape for the masking part. It seemed like over kill at first, but once I got started applying the etching cream, I was glad that I did cover the whole bottom part of the bottle.

Easy glass bottle etching method
Glass Etching Cream and Etching Stencils
Step Three –

Apply the etching cream to the stencil area. Make sure that the exposed area is covered liberally with the cream and that no areas are left uncovered.

Wait one minute or so, then rinse the etching cream off under running tap water (warm or cold, it doesn’t seem to matter). Once the bottle is rinsed you can remove the masking tape and return the stencils back to the carrier sheet.

Glass Bottle Etching Made Easy

Easy Glass Bottle Etching

Glass Etching

At first, while the bottle was still wet from the rinsing process, I really couldn’t see the etching. After it started to dry though the design of the etching stood out very vividly on the bottle.

I was really impressed with how quickly I had just done the whole etching process.

All Sides Of My First Etched Glass Bottle

The detail on the etching of even the smaller stencils stands out perfectly.

I am really excited about this etching process. It was very easy to use, the pictures in this how-to article were taken during my very first try, and the bottle turned out beautiful.

The etching looks very sharp, elegant and in detail. I used the ‘Scenic Landscape with Trees, Mountains & Deer‘ glass etching stencils and I really like them.

Each Over ‘N Over stencil can be used about 20 times. ArmourEtch makes stencils in many different motifs like Western, Floral, Party, Romantic and even Gala letters & numbers. Endless possibilities!

Get the Deluxe Etching Kit

FREE bottle of glass etching cream!

(For the continental US only — free shipping included) Simply fill out a short order form and share the page on your social media pages or write a tutorial on your own blog.

Sorry – This offer is no longer available!

If you always wanted to give your glass bottle projects an extra little something but didn’t want to spend money on expensive etching supplies than this is a great alternative. You don’t even have to be good at drawing pictures!

With a little imagination, you too can easily create amazing artwork! Are you ready to give glass bottle etching a try?

Which stencil set are you trying out first? Leave us a comment below. 

Be sure to send us a picture so we can share it own our DIY Show Off page.

6 thoughts on “Glass Bottle Etching Made Easy

  1. Nick, this is great! I love how you mixed your glass bottle art with etching. Thanks so much for trying it out!

    1. Eric,
      I really enjoyed using the stencil set and etching cream. We are on a care-taking assignment right now and once we’re back into our house I’m going to make a tumbler set!

  2. I’ve taken to using my vinyl plotter to cut stencils and use those on wine glasses. I’ve found that leaving the cream on for an extended period of time creates a much deeper etch.

    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am so excited to make my 1st wine bottle light! But all I need is etching cream! Thx! For the offer for the cream! I’ll be waiting for it!! And will post finished product 4 sure!

    1. Hi Candace, I’m sorry but the giveaway for the bottle of etching cream has been closed for a couple of years now. You can purchase the deluxe etching kit or just a small bottle of the etching cream for under $8 on Amazon here… https://amzn.to/2sprE1d

      We look forward to sharing a picture of your finished wine bottle light!

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