January 19, 2021
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How Can We Make The Ideal Lampshade For A Bottle Lamp?

We received an email from Peggy who has been perplexed by the same question many of us are.

Let’s see what she said. Here is our reader’s email:

“Hello, my friends. I hope everything is well as usual. There is one question I have found no satisfying solution to yet. I love bottle lamps without any doubt and my old grandfather has various liquor bottles for me to choose from. The problem is that I need to make some special lampshades to match them. I have some good ideas, I just can’t seem to bring what’s on my mind into the real world. Sadly I’m an expert in imagining but dull in operating.

I took out all the ornaments and craft supplies I had collected in the last few years including some bead strings, glass orbs, crystal fillers, colorful ribbons and some exotic cloth. I intended to blend these materials to tailor the perfect shades for those bottles by integrating them with my own flavor. Unfortunately, I only have fabulous ideas with no skills to fulfill them. Could you please give me some advice?”

You must have felt very excited when these wonderful ideas occurred to you, good for you, but as you found out yourself it’s not always easy to turn an idea into a usable item.

Design Your Own Lamp

Unique DIY Bedside Lamps

Recently I have found a nice website named Parrotuncle who provides not only some creative and recyclable bottle lamps, but various other DIY indoor light fixtures, supplies and accessories.

Most surprisingly, the site has a “You design it, we make it happen” field in which you can describe whatever you have on your mind and get it all customized. This might be exactly what you’re looking for.

We do have some personal experience with making DIY lampshades for our DIY bedside lamps as well. At one time, I was doing a sort of faux embroidery as I was sewing the embroidery on a discarded white summer dress and then cut the dress into a roll shape in order to cover an old drum shaped lampshade.

Another interesting DIY process was with the use of a toy parasol and a number of flickering clear beads. I arranged those beads in a pendant pattern and hung them around the brim of the parasol top which I then attached to the lamp base.

It’s frustrating when you have big innovative ideas but no way to make them known to the world. Since everyone has his or her own limits a site like Parrotuncle can surly be helpful. Can’t wait to see what you will come up with. We hope you’ll remember to show us.

5 thoughts on “How Can We Make The Ideal Lampshade For A Bottle Lamp?

  1. Hi guys, this is a great site. Love your videos and learned a lot from you.

    When it comes to lampshades I just go to Wallyworld or our local warehouse store and buy a bunch of them at once. I can usually find some pretty cool ones with patterns and stuff on them.

  2. Do you have any info for wiring christmas lights into a 3 way switch for table lamp, so you could have one or the other or or both on together?

    1. Jean,
      This should work by directly wiring them in line. One thing that I learned by doing this first hand was that you don’t want to by-pass the fuse for the light string. I attempted this once only to see the light string glow brighter than before and ultimately burn out. Some light strings have the fuses wired directly into the string line. This will help you with the wiring process.

        1. Sorry about the confusion. Here are two videos that we put together that might make more sense.

          the second part covers the bottle lamp kit:

          Hope this helps,


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