November 27, 2020

How To Cut A Glass Bottle And Sanding Tips By Ralph

Tips to cut a recycled glass bottle, helpful sanding techniques and lots of impressive bottle cutting inspirations.

We always enjoy hearing from fellow bottle crafters. It’s a pleasure sharing tips and getting to showcase their projects on our blog.

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We got the following message from Ralph Marana from Maywood, NJ, that shares his bottle cutting and sanding tips with us… scroll down to see more of his finished bottle pictures:

I’ve been doing it [cutting glass bottles] a very long time and was asked a million times how it’s done so I finally broke down and made a video with the help from my son. – Ralph

Using a G2 Bottle Cutter, candle flame for heat and ice water for thermal fracture. Sanding is done by hand with wet/dry sandpaper.

Take a look at his DIY video:

I watched the video and was skeptical at first. I’ve tried to get the g2 bottle cutter to work on several bottles and it didn’t usually end well. I only got a decent cut on one bottle and soon moved on to a different type of bottle cutter.

Ralph was able to use this cutter without any hesitation. He states the following in a comment on his video: “I use the G2 because it is the only one that let’s you cut past the curvature. There are some bottles that I have cut that could never be done with any other type.”

His next step is to show his sanding technique. Through a series of different course sand papers, both wet and dry, he delivers a nice smooth polished edge that is perfect for drinking glasses.

Along with the video link we also received these wonderful photos that show case his work.

Selection of cut bottle glasses

Polished glass rims

Cut bottle glasses

Recycled bottle glass

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Thank you Ralph for sharing your tips, video and pictures. You are doing an excellent job creating unique drinking glasses from recycled bottles. We love it!

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