January 26, 2021
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How To Make Bottle Lamps At Home

The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, creating something with our own hands.

I have put together several articles and numerous videos explaining the bottle lamp making process. If you are looking for those instructions then you can visit our post titled; Turn a Jack Daniels Bottle into a Lamp. Today I wanted to delve into why you benefit from making a bottle lamp at home.

Stoppers for your bottle lamp

What really makes creating something at home more rewarding as opposed to simply purchasing an item is the sense of accomplishment that you get when the project is completed. Whether you’re re-painting a room or decorating you always have the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to see the endeavor through to the end. I get the same satisfaction from mowing the lawn. Simple, easy to do but sitting up on the deck and looking at this small accomplishment is almost the equivalent of getting an ‘atta boy‘ from a colleague. “You did it“, “You made it“, job well done.

If you really want to get the most enjoyment out of making a bottle lamp at home then you should try including someone else in your artwork. If it’s your kids, spouse, or friend, having something tangible to show at the end of your collaboration will undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding things you will have. It isn’t too hard to imagine a conversation that starts out; “Hey remember that time we made that bottle lamp together . . . . .

fun DIY projects for your home

That moment is never lost or forgotten. You will remember it with more clarity than purchased gifts exchanged at a party. In the end which one holds the most value will easily be determined.

Now that you have your sense of accomplishment and a memorable moment in check let’s look a little deeper at what’s happening on a more subconscious level.

Accomplishments and know-how can’t be handed out or downloaded into someone’s brain like they are for the characters in The Matrix. They must be earned through individual effort. It is the endeavor that generates a sense of pride and inward esteem.

Courtesy of Richard E. Cytowic, M.D., M.F.A., Psychology Today

Building on your ‘sense of accomplishment’ as now laid out the foundation for a new level of things that you can achieve. Those hungry little endorphin are always looking for more of that feel good that you have just accomplished and will likely open up the idea that you will feel empowered to move onto something bigger or more elaborate.

It was that small building block that moved us toward larger goals and achievements. Just because I’ve wired a bottle lamp doesn’t mean I’m going to rewire our house anytime soon. My ambitions are always geared up but will remain in check.

If you can relate then please leave a comment below. Share your experience or moment with our readers.

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