January 25, 2021
Wine Bottle Lamp Kit

How to Splice Wire and Attach A Bottle Lamp Kit Tutorial

Splicing lamp wires can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

Ryan send us the following email a few days ago. “Is there a tutorial on how to splice the Christmas lights into the lamp kit? I have an idea on how its done but would like to have a little conformation. I’m trying to make a wedding gift, and I think what you have done is perfect for the job!”

Thank you Ryan for sending in your questions. This prompted us to try out our new video camera and make a two part video tutorial ‘Bottle Lamp Making’.

We don’t script our videos beforehand (we like to shoot the videos in as few takes as possible) and there was of course a bit of a learning curve with our new camera. To make matters worse, our existing video editing program wasn’t compatible with the camera. So, what should have been a project taking a couple of hours ended up taking almost 2 days. Never a dull moment, and we learned something new. :)

This is a really good question by Ryan because Nick never thought to ask it when he first started putting the bottle lamps together. A friend of ours asked why we didn’t do it and that is what got the ball rolling.  The way it was explained to us is thinking of your wires in terms of a “Y” connection.

Both your string of lights and your lamp cord run to your electrical cord. All three lines meet at one point. Your electrical line will provide current to both sets of lights, leaving you with one line running into your bottle.

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We hope our instructional videos bring the point across and show exactly how to splice the wires, insert the lights and attach the bottle lamp kit.

Take a look at our Bottle Lamp Making tutorials.

How to Splice Wires for Bottle Lights – Bottle Lamp Making Part 1


How to Wire a Bottle Lamp Kit – Bottle Lamp Making Part 2


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