March 3, 2021
Lamp Pipe Fitting

Industrial Pipe Fitting For Your Bottle Lamp Project

We have received a lot of really good questions from our readers over the years and this is one that I felt that we just had to share. The question reads:

Hi! I’m trying to make a hanging Jack Daniels bottle lamp. I need to find an adapter to screw the bottle into, then convert it to pipe thread. I see pics of completed projects online, but I can not find that adapter ANYWHERE! Can you help me out, please? Thank you, Joe

Full disclosure – I told Joe in the e-mail that I had never attempted to make one of these particular types of lamps before. We have written a few articles and showcased some artisans that make these types of lamps but never have I actually made one.

How do they do that? – I had sent a few ideas over to Joe and then he came back with a DIY video that explained the whole process. The video was made by Steve Dannenberg and he shows exactly how to make this little dream a reality. The parts listed on his video are:

The first thing that he does is break down the compression conduit. After removing the metal ring from inside he puts the adapter over the top of the glass bottle. Next he places the rubber gasket over the top of the bottle neck. It’s a nice snug fit that will hold the bottle quite nicely. Using the threaded pipe attached to the candelabra socket, he inserts the piece down into the bottle. The height of the insertion is set by the washer and nuts that were placed on the threaded rod. Pulling the adapter up to encompass the rubber gasket, and the light fixture, he begins to screw on the threaded connector. On top of the threaded connector he then adds his pipe reducer.

At this point the wires are sticking out of the top and where you decide to go from there is left up to your own imagination. Or maybe the amount of piping you have or want to use will determine your outcome.

Personal preference – I would like to expand upon Steve’s idea and maybe take it a step further. Instead of leaving the lamp inside a closed bottle, I would score and remove the end of the bottle. This would eliminate having to take the whole thing apart just to change the bulb. The bottle at this point would act more like a sconce and would still offer the same allure of having it attached to the lamp.

We would like to thank Joe for his question and Steve for sharing his idea. If you have any thoughts or comments please leave them in the space below.


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