August 7, 2020

Intro to the Bottle Neck Cutter

We are excited to share a little heads up with you about our upcoming recycled bottle projects.

Ray from Creator’s Stained Glass, Inc. has been sending us emails and pictures about his latest glass cutter. A highly effective Bottle Neck Cutter!

Why would you need another bottle cutter, you ask? Because it cuts the neck of any glass bottle like no other. That’s why! ;)

Take a look at this picture of various bottle necks, not a single one was filed, stoned or clipped in any way. How cool is that?

Cut Bottle Necks
Cut Bottle Necks

We will be receiving a prototype of the Creator’s Bottle Neck Cutter in the mail shortly and can’t wait to try it out. After we return from our latest house sitting assignment in North Carolina we will start cutting up some bottles and create new DIY projects. We will show you exactly what the new cutter looks like, how the cutting device works and where to buy it, if you are interested.

Until then, visit this link to learn more about the Creator’s Bottle Neck Cutter!

Here is just one example of what you can do with a Bottle Neck Cutter:

Glass Bottle Shot Glass
Glass Bottle Shot Glasses by Diamond Tech Crafts

Nick has all sorts of ideas for this new glass cutter and is very excited to try it out.

What type of DIY project would you do with a Bottle Neck Cutter?

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