June 6, 2020
Unique bottles with lights.

Lighted Bottles And Where To Find Mini Light Strings

Our latest DIY Show Off submission is a set of unique bottles with mini light strings.

Take a look at the email we received from Phyllis and then scroll down to find out where to purchase mini light strings online and tips on how to extend a short cord.

Good morning Nick,

I’ve made several light bottles. Thank you for helping me get started. I have been trying to find single strand mini Christmas light to no avail. Do you have a source or can you offer any suggestion as to how I might extend the cord from the hole. Several of my cords only extend out about 3” which isn’t enough to plug it into the wall.

Here’s a photo of my projects. I’ve had the bottle on the far right for nearly 20 years. I loved the shape so much that I couldn’t throw it away. I’m so glad I found your YouTube video. Now the bottle has another purpose. Thanks again.


Unique bottles with lights.

Dear Phyllis,

Your lighted bottles turned out fantastic! We love the look and shape of all of them and can see why you kept the one for so many year. It is a very cool looking bottle.

Now to your questions:

1.) Where to purchase mini light strings?

I would recommend ‘Novelty Lights Inc’ or Amazon.com as they have the most competitive prices. Both offer a variety of colored string lights in both LED and regular light bulbs. Price breaks for buying in larger quantities.

Mini Light Strings at Novelty Lights

Christmas Light Sets at Amazon

2.) How to extend a cord that’s too short?

power cord with switch

If you are going to add length to your power cord you might as well add a switch as well. By including a switch on your bottle lamps you will save the end user the hassle of having to unplug the lamp every time they are done using it. For only $3.99 this makes a great addition to any bottle lamp.

To attach the extension cord with switch you will have to cut off the ‘plug-in’ end of your light string. Remove the plastic coating on the wires so you can connect them to the exposed wires on the new extension cord. You can either solder these wires or use electrical caps. I have always pushed these connections into the bottle so they are not visible once you have completed the connection.

Before you move you be sure to leave Phyllis a comment and tell her how much you like her bottle creations.

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?

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