August 3, 2020
lighted bottles

Lighted Bottles By Christopher

A common question we receive about the bottles with lights concerns the amount of heat that the light string will give off and if it’s safe.

This is a legitimate question and one that determines the size of the light string that you will put in your bottle. We received this e-mail from one of our readers recently:

Dear Nick,

I am one of your members, that had purchased DIY Bottle Lamp eBook, a few months back.

I have made my first Bottle Lamp, thanks to you, but I noticed that Bottle gets Hot with the lights in it, is this normal, will the Heat from the Lights, not break/damage the Bottle.

I would appreciate if you can give me some tips/notes on this.

For most regular sized wine bottles you can use a light string that is around 35 lights long. The conventional Christmas light strings do give off heat and your bottle will get warm. This will vary on the thickness of the glass and how big of a light string you used. We always stayed with the 35 light string. It would be safe to say that you won’t want to run this excessively and that it should be shut off when no one is around. We had some Christmas decorated ones that we had left on for an extended period of time and did become warm. Nothing happened and the bottles remained intact but it was something that we felt we should not allow to run continuosly.

The alternative is to spend a little more money and get the LED light strings. These lights give off little to no heat and actually use less electricity than conventional light strings.

Christopher got back to us and shared his success at bottle lamp crafting.

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