September 27, 2020
Stylish Patron Bottle Lamp

Patron Bottle Lamp By Jason

We received a picture of this really cool bottle lamp via our Facebook page.

The Patron bottle offers a unique styled glass that just screams to anyone who has done bottle crafting. With it’s square base and generous opening short neck, the potential for crafting a re-purposed project is a must.

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Patron Bottle Lamp

Did you know? Each glass bottle for Patron Tequila is actually hand crafted! Inspired by the people who hand crafted the bottles themselves, glass bottle artisans, we can re-purpose these magnificent bottles into truly unique bottle crafts. The effects are pretty stunning! Don’t you think?

Click the image below to watch a video on the Patron bottle making process:

Patron Bottle Making Video

We have made similar projects with the Patron bottle ourselves. The following article dates back to 2012, take a look:

Patron Bottle Candle Holder

We would like to thank Jason for sending us his Patron Bottle Lamp project picture. The stylized yarn on the neck gave this particular piece it’s own stylish appearance.

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1 thought on “Patron Bottle Lamp By Jason

  1. The bottle lamp looks real nice. As an added bonus I learned a little something about the Patron bottles. Thanks for the post!

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