August 3, 2020
Rolling Rock Party Lights

Rolling Rock Party Light String

Don’t throw away those beer bottle necks so quickly! Here is an easy way to repurpose them.

Scoring glass bottles to make drinking tumblers is a very renewable idea. Why stop there? The separated bottle necks can still be repurposed. Repurpose beer bottles and turn your favorite beverage container into something more.

Rolling Rock Bottle Collection

When we find a great sale on something we usually end up buying a bunch. That’s how I ended up with a plethera of Rolling Rock bottles. Using a bottle cutter makes separating a breeze.

Once I had cut one of the empty Rolling Rock beer bottles, it seemed such a waste to throw the top half away. The insignia was still firmly attached and the company’s trade mark Horse Head was raised into the glass all the way around the neck. There had to be a second life for this detailed green glass. Check out this short how to video:

Picking up a small strand of 25 lights is more than adequate to get the job done. I wanted to deck the halls with bottles of jolly, not light it up like a runway.

Now these pine cone shaped lights aren’t your average string of lights. This paticular light string has a plastic outer coating for each individual light that easily snaps on and off. The weight of the bottle neck is all that’s needed to hold them in place.

Having also made sure that these were LED lights was crucial. If they collected any amount of heat at all the bottles would shatter for sure, I think.

Rolling Rock Bottle Light

The above picture shows how well these lights positioned in the bottle neck. The light is directly behind the brand name and you still get enough glow to show off the raised glass beneath it.

Rolling Rock Party Lights

The end result was exactly what I had hoped for. One of the first things I wanted to do was properly display them. I brought them out on our deck and set them up around the railing. After admiring them for awhile it was hard not to think about other types of decanturs that would look cool on this light string as well.

What bottles would you put on your light string? Please leave us a comment below. It will be interesting to see which one gets mentioned the most.

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