November 27, 2020
Jack Daniels Steampunk lamp

Steampunk Bottle Lamps

Steampunk has become very popular as of lately, not just in books and movies, but in the crafting and bottle lamp making world as well.

What exactly is Steampunk? The folks of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences explain it this way: “Over the years, steampunk has evolved into more than just a sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Steampunk now extends into fashion, engineering, music, and for some, a lifestyle. With the Victorian British Empire or American Wild West as the backdrop, steampunk projects are a challenge of making something elegant out of random bits and bobs.

Sounds like fun, right? I have seen many ueber-cool bottle creations on Pinterest lately and want to share just a few of my favorites to inspire you. Remember, the “punk” in “Steampunk” comes from going against convention. Creativity and the declaration of one’s individuality, be it through style, gadgets, or attitude, will set you apart. Many of these bottle crafts are for sale via Etsy, click on any of the images to learn more. Enjoy!

Jim Beam Steampunk lamp


Jim Beam chandelier – Steampunk fixture – bar decor


Steampunk Beer Bottle Lamp


Steampunk style beer bottle lamp

Industrial floor lamp


Industrial style recycled plumbing pipe and bottles floor lamp

Jack Daniels Steampunk lamp


Steampunk Jack Daniels bottle lamp


Industrial bottle desk lamp


Steampunk desk lamp with a cut bottle

Steampunk bottle chandelier


Industrial style multi-color cut wine bottle chandelier

Steampunk beer bottle lamp


Basic Steampunk beer bottle desk lamp

Industrial / Steampunk styled desk lamp


Steampunk outdoor faucet styled desk lamp with Mason Jar

Cut bottles and copper steampunk lamp


2 cut bottles, copper and wood Steampunk desk lamp

I hope you enjoyed this small selection of Steampunk lighting! Have I inspired you?

Send us your own Steampunk/Industrial style bottle creations to be featured in your DIY Show Off section.

Now be honest, what do you really think about Steampunk? Are you a fan or not so much? Leave us a comment below.

Happy bottle crafting,


20 thoughts on “Steampunk Bottle Lamps

  1. Wow you guys! These industrial bottle lights are amazing. Thank you for sharing, I didn’t know ‘steampunk’ was even a thing. lol

  2. Wow, very beautiful steampunk lamps and every design is very beautiful and amazing. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others to tryout these ideas.:-)

      1. Nice and very creative, guys you are amazing… am going to try it 😊, can’t stop myself coz its so so amazing …and will let you know how it turned out.

  3. some of the lamps are very beautiful n a thousand ways to assemble one makes it intriguing however in checking some of the prices of some of the items that tha used in making the lamps,such as faucet cutoffs, gauges, 3-way connectors can get a bit pricy, and it would send someone to a salvage store looking around for these items very soon.

    1. Steve,

      I was wondering about the same thing. Unless you can find a retired plumber willing to part with his scrap stuff that he always had on hand, you will find this paticular project to get very pricey.

      1. just adding up connectors small pieces of pipe threaded without any cut off I would imagine the cheapest 1 you can start out with would be about $30 going up from there.
        unlike the bottle lamps, which I average about twelve to fourteen dollars

        1. Your figures sound about right Steve!

          Keep in mind though with the Steampunk lamps you are reaching out to a different (maybe more sophisticated?) audience. You will have more money and time invested and should in turn be able to charge more for your finished project. Make sure you have a few people interested before you start shifting gears. ;)

      2. You just have to find the right hardware store. Lowes and home depot are outrageous for their prices on pipes and fittings but most are pricey because they are imported from china. Find a hardware store that sells fittings made in america and they are 1/2 to 1/3 the price. Menards is a cheap place if u have one near you.

  4. The Sophia (which is the faucet lamp with the red mason jar globe featured in this article) nets about 40 dollars profit after materials and time. I only sell them through etsy, so they get their cut, and paypal gets their cut, etc… I would agree that people looking to purchase steam inspired items are a more choosy type of individual, but they will spend a bit more to get what they’re looking for. I actually got into making pieces because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for myself when doing some steam inspired decorating in one of my children’s rooms. The market is still very competitive though. I build things as a hobby and use the sales I do manage to make to finance my other expensive hobby (photography).

    1. You really have some nice pieces to offer. As a fellow photography enthusiast, I can totally see where your coming from with the aspect of the financing. Would you be interested in showcasing your work on Bottle-Lamp? It would highlight your work and allow people to find your store. If you’reinterested you can email us at:

  5. I was wondering where you got your red twisted wire from. I’ve looked at the three big box hardware stores in my area and only find gold, brown, and white lamp cords. I love your red for a classic vintage look.

  6. I get mine from Sundial Wire ). If you google search “red cloth covered lamp cord” , you’ll get a ton of hits, then just pick the best one for your needs. Most suppliers are cheaper the more you order, so if you have room and need to buy in bulk, you can save yourself some bucks.

    I’ve also seen a complete E26 kit (socket, lamp, cord end, and usually 10 or 12 feet of cord) at places like Ikea as well, but don’t know if there’s one near you to make that work.

    1. Rich,
      I would recommend bringing the bottle right to the hardware store. Sizing up these parts can always be tricky when no two bottle brands are exactly alike.

  7. Hey there… first off, love your style. Second, I have a bottle that just needs to be a hanging light. Problem is.. I haven’t figured out how to secure it. How did you secure the jack daniels bottle? From your pic, it looks like half of a union fitting… but I can’t tell what is holding the bottle in place. Also, the beer bottle lamp… love it. Thanks

  8. The Steampunk movement is spilling over into the mainstream decorating channels. They are just learning what we have known all along, it’s more than a passing fad.

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