August 6, 2020

The 5 Most Viewed Bottle Lamp Projects

Our 5 most viewed Bottle Lamp Projects on the internet.

The bottle lamps we are featuring here are just a small fraction of projects with recycled glass bottles we have done in the span of three years. While looking back at all of our past bottle lamp projects it amazing to see which ones get the most attention.

We have compiled a list of the five most fabulous bottle lamps, judging by the amount of views they have been getting across the different social media sites:

Bottle Lamp #1

Wine Bottle Lamp
Toasted Head wine bottle lamp

The Toasted Head wine lamp came together because of a contest on Facebook. Toasted Head sponsored a crafters competition and this was our entry. Sadly we didn’t win the first price, but that’s alright. This lovely lamp is perfect in our sun room and makes a great functioning keepsake.

Bottle Lamp #2

Makers Mark Bottle Lamp
Maker’s Mark Bottle Lamp

Maker’s Mark is our best friend Mark’s favorite whisky. We were able to sneak an empty bottle from him and made a birthday present that he uses every day. No frills or add-on’s were necessary to make this bottle lamp work.

Bottle Lamp #3

Pink Floyd Wine Bottle Lamp
Pink Floyd Wine Bottle Lamp

We picked up this Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ wine bottle at a wine specialty store for under $10. One look at the cool label and we knew it had bottle lamp potential written all over it. We sold it this unique glow in the dark bottle on Etsy a while ago.

Bottle Lamp #4

Seagram's 7 Bottle Lamp
Seagram’s 7 Bottle Lamp

Seagram’s 7 and 7 Up (AKA Seven-Seven) is Silke’s drink of choice. Finding the perfectly colored lamp shade to match the red in the label brought this lamp together beautifully. This was one of the very first bottles we ever made that has the separate on and off switch on the power cord.

Bottle Lamp #5

This Captain Morgan Bottle Lamp
This Captain Morgan Bottle Lamp

This Captain Morgan Bottle Lamp was created especially for a giveaway we held two years ago. The lucky lady was so excited to win it that she offered to drive 60 miles one way just to come and pick it up! We met her half way :) Since then the image of this bottle has been pinned on to hundreds, if not thousands of Pinterest boards.

Working with recycled glass bottles is such a fun and rewarding hobby! We have a hard time looking at any type of recycled glass bottles now without imagining a potential future craft project. 

The bottle lamp community is always growing in terms of people, content and of course project ideas. We have enjoyed sharing our projects with you, as much as we have enjoyed receiving them back from you, our visitors.

If you would like to share your own recycled bottle crafts for our DIY Show Off page send us an email here.

Which one of the fabulous 5 Bottle Lamp projects do you like best?

Can you even pick a favorite? Leave us a comment below.

Don’t forget to share these bottle lamps to your favorite social media site!

Happy bottle crafting,

Nick and Silke

2 thoughts on “The 5 Most Viewed Bottle Lamp Projects

  1. The Toasted Head one was made for a crafting event that we entered a couple years ago. It still one of my favorites. Rightly so considering it’s sitting in my living room and I use it every night. ;)

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