January 25, 2021
Nick reviews the Saber Tooth Sanding Pads

The Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Kit Review

Cutting your glass bottles takes practice, persistence and a finishing touch.

Once you have your glass bottle separated you quickly find out that you will need a little more work to get it to the finished line… the glass edges need to be sanded smooth.

Sanding glass can be relatively easy as long as you have the right tools to do it. Conventional wet sandpaper will work in a pinch but really is not built to last. This all has changed once again thanks to Bottle Cutting, Inc’s latest invention:

The Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pads

This ergonomically correct sanding pad kit is not only easy to use but makes the sanding process super quick.

Saber Tooth sanding pads by Bottle Cutting Inc.

For my initial test run I hand sanded a separated glass bottle that I had on hand.

Working with the heavier 60 grit pad first, I was easily able to take all the rough edges off. Following up with 400 grit pad and finishing it off with the 2000 grit sandpaper gave my cut glass the nicely rounded smooth edge that you would expect for someone who wants to use the bottles as drinking glasses. Scroll down to watch a video where I use the Saber Tooth pads in action…

I had to find a challenge – Set back in the far reaches of my cupboard sits one of the bottles that I had run into a little bit of a hiccup while I was cutting it. When the bottle separated it left a huge chip out of the edge that ran along the front label side of the bottle. This wasn’t a paper label bottle and it wasn’t the kind of beer you could just run up town and find a quick replacement for. I was dismayed that this had happened but I couldn’t bring myself to throw the bottle away. Then the Saber Tooth Sanding Kit arrived in the mail and my faith in salvaging the bottle, and the reason why I kept this bottle for so long, finally came into light.

Sanding a cut bottle

What I was about to attempt to do was going to take a lot of sanding so I really thought that this would be the perfect test to see if these sanding pads were up to the task. It was amazing to see how quickly the 60 grit pad was taking down the glass.

I had been at it for a little while, my arm was starting to get a little tired and the glass was actually starting to get warm. A quick splash of water and I went right back to work, sanding off a tiny bit of glass at a time.

Simply amazing! Not only was I able to sand out the obvious divots in the glass bottle but I was also able to give it that round polished look that I wanted to achieve when I first started the whole project.

I rinsed the sanding pads off and they still looked like they had just come right out of the box!

I am not making this statement lightly considering how long I actually spent sanding on that one single bottle. No way would I make a habit of doing this. If it were any other bottle I would have simply thrown it away and started over. This one of a kind bottle was salvaged thanks to these sanding pads.

A game changer when it comes to bottle cutting? Definitely.

I really can’t imagine going back to regular course sand paper again. With minimal effort you will find that the pads will take off the rough edges and give your cut glass bottles the smooth finish you want for all of your bottle crafting projects.

Bottle Cutting Products

I would like to thank Jennifer from Bottle Cutting Inc. for contacting us about their wonderful new product. If you would like to see the full line of bottle cutting tools & accessories they have, be sure to check out their website at: Bottlecutting.com

We also received the separation ties and will do a separate (no pun intended) blog post for that at a later time. :)

Happy bottle crafting,


What do you use to get a smooth edge on your cut bottles? Leave me a comment below.

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