March 3, 2021
Egg Holders from Bottles

Up-cycling Glass Bottles Into Egg Holders

With so many glass bottle projects to do it’s often easy to overlook some of the most obvious ones. In fact, this latest endeavor has been staring me in the face every morning for the past several years. The inconspicuous egg holder that gets used on a regular basis was something that could also be incorporated into our bottle crafts projects.

The aspiration – If you have ever really taken the time to look at different wine bottles, then you will have noticed that each one as a varying different sized dimple in the base of the bottle. This dimple, often referred to as a punt, gives the bottle extra structural strength and stability. If you were to score the bottle just above the dimple and then separate it, turned right side up, you would then have a perfect egg holder!

The plan – Find a wine bottles that offered the right size dimple. Too shallow and it wouldn’t stand upright. Not big enough and the egg wouldn’t fit. The right size will keep your egg in the upright position allowing you access to it’s top so that you can enjoy your soft boiled egg properly.

Creator's Bottle Cutter Measure
Creator’s Bottle Cutter Measure

The execution – Once I had the bottles collected it was time to go to work. For this project I went with my Creator’s Bottle Cutter. Setting the height and locking it in gave me the assurance that both bottles, once scored and separated, would both be the same height.

Saber Tooth sanding pads by Bottle Cutting Inc.

The final product – These particular bottles both scored and separated nicely. A little light sanding with my Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pads gave the edges a nice smooth finish that will make it safe to wash and won’t scratch any table surfaces.

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1 thought on “Up-cycling Glass Bottles Into Egg Holders

  1. This brought back some awesome memories! My grandmother used to have these on her table every morning. We (the kids) were never allowed to touch (play with) them. I like what you did here but I think I would go with a color glass bottle. It would give it a little more flare. ;) Thanks for all the DIY inspirations!

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