August 3, 2020
Botolouso Fall Bottle Lamp featured

Upcycling Bottle Lamps DIY Show Off

A fun Facebook page filled with bottle lamps

Transforming empty glass bottles into decorative decor has made Anita’s craft projects a passion. We received this e-mail from Anita:

I made a fall bottle lamp, and made my own lampshade cover using old lampshade frame. Also painted bottles I got the idea from Pinterest. I discovered a drill press is definitely the way to go when drilling holes for bottle lamps. Found plug-ins with switches so that I didn’t have to do as much splicing with the lamps. Also my candy corn bottle I turned into a tiki torch.  I post pics of my bottle projects so far on FB on my bottle art just for fun/not selling anything page Botololuso page on Facebook. I’m really just getting started and learning a lot as I go.

Happy Fall,

Anita / Michigan where fall is always colorful.

Botolouso Fall Bottle Lamp

From the Botololuso Facebook Page – “Upcycling the remnants of my wine habit and other fun art projects created from recycled glass, metal, whatever else catches my eye.”

Botolouso Bottle Tiki Torch

This Tiki torch will brighten up the backyard party and provide mosquito repellency!

Botolouso First Bottle Lamp

This cobalt blue bottle has a handmade lamp shade that helps compliment it’s color!

These are all my first attempts at bottle lamps, torches, painted bottles. I’m hard on myself and notice every flaw – especially in my lampshades, but I guess for my first tries, they’re not too bad. My retirement dream fantasy would be to live in a tiny traveling gypsy house making/selling bottle lamps, wind chimes and tea light holders. Of course, I have yet to purchase the bottle cutter. That will be my next thing. 

We would like to thank Anita for sending us her DIY Show Off projects.

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