March 1, 2021
Bottle Lamp Making Infographic

Why You Should Make A Bottle Lamp Infographic

Find out who, where and why bottle lamp making is so popular.

Are you in search of a new hobby? Maybe you’ve been under a lot of stress at work or home and need to find a way to relax? Take a look at our Bottle Lamp making infographic to learn more about the craft and why you should start making your own bottle lamp(s).

Bottle crafting is more than just a hobby. You’re also up-cycling.

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Environmentally conscious and Eco friendly craft projects are a great way to help the planet. The whole idea of converting old or discarded materials and transforming them into something useful and often beautiful is a concept that we can all enjoy. When you recycle something, you are breaking it down so that the basic element of the material can be re-used. Upcycling takes the same product and re-purposes it into something completely new or even better than it’s original form.

Here’s a better way to help visualize this:

Bottle A wants to be recycled. It will be collected and separated by it’s glass color. From here it will be broken down into smaller pieces and then melted down. The glass is then reformed back into a viable product. The whole process, starting from the moment the bottle is recycled to back on the shelf is 30 days!

Bottle B wants to be upcycled. This bottle will need a little luck on it’s side. For in order to be upcycled, the person who picks it up and visualizes it as something more than just ‘another empty bottle‘ has to be a true visionary. Once this bottle has been chosen, it will then be drilled and out fitted with a whole new device and purpose. You could be that visionary!

Why make bottle lamps?

Infographic designed by Nick & Silke Jager

Like any new hobby, we can understand how confusing this may seem to an inexperienced beginner. We were all there at one time, not quite sure how to get started. Bottle lamp making, like anything else in life, is a learning process and I would have saved a lot of time and money if I had help along the way. That’s why we created the Bottle-Lamp community website in the first place.

We would like to invite everyone that reads this to share our Infographic with the craft enthusiasts in your life. You never know, it may just be what he or she needs to start a new hobby.

Are you ready to make your own bottle lamp? Leave us a comment below.

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