January 26, 2021

Wine Bottle To Flower Vase Project

If you ever find yourself in a creative rut, then you might want to look and see what products are available to use.

Plaid online has this moto on their home page; “Plaid Crafts is your source for creative products, education, and inspiration.” This was enough to entice me to check out and see what was available and once again find inspiration for my next bottle craft project.

Plaid Crafts Homepage

From the many different types of paints to the brushes you will use to apply them, Plaid Crafts has everything that you could imagine. I’ve never really worked with this medium before and it was a little bit overwhelming at first. Paints broke down into; Multi-Surface, Enamel, Chalk, Frosted Glass, numerous glitters and then of course everyone’s favorite – Mod Podge. I soon came to learn that Mod Podge had a variation as well; Extreme Glitter!

Paint Brushes for every occasion. The brushes that are labeled “Best for Glass & Fabric” looked like the perfect fit for the projects that I had in mind. This pack included; Flat brushes, Scruffy brushes, and Liner brushes. Another paint brush set that was made for Glass & Ceramic surfaces came with six varieties including; Wash, Flat, Angle Shader, Filbert, Round, and Liner. Behind each name was a visual picture that helped me make the connection to what it was that they actually did (I have a lot to learn).

Glass and Ceramic Brushes

On top of the brushes also came the Detail Painter. These pencil shaped tools will come in handy when your applying the paint to the stencils. By minimizing the bleeding that can occur while your painting, the blunt edge actually pushes the stencil down to the surface to avoid the paint from going underneath. Once again, I didn’t even know these existed!

Detail Painter

Peel and Stick painting stencils. The endless fonts, wordage, and designs will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. The ‘Happy Words’ and ‘Wanderlust’ sets got my eye right away. Whatever the occasion or season, you will find these reusable stencils to come in very handy for your craft piece.

Peel and Stick Stencils

Let’s start simple. I really don’t know where to start at this point so I’m going to try something that looks and feels pretty straight forward. Armed with the Mod Podge Extreme Glitter (a teenage girls dream come true) and one of the Flat nylon brushes, I’m going to transform an ordinary bottle glass vase in an extraordinary flower vase.

With the bottle scored, separated and sanded, it is now ready to begin the painting process. It might be wrong to call Mod Podge a paint but it always goes on looking like a primer so I’ve always called it that. A nice even coat over the whole bottle will not only preserve the label but also give the whole vase the glitter appearance.

Click on our how to video below:

The end result. I was very pleased with the final project. The additional step of applying the sealer and allowing it to dry properly was minimal and it showed really well with with only one coat. Adding another layer would have been easy to do but I was after a more subtle look. Not too glittery but enough to give the shimmery appearance. Mission accomplished!

This was just the beginning. There are more paints, more brushes, and I haven’t even gotten to the stencils yet! Let’s call this what it is; me dipping my toe in bottle glass painting. I will post more projects as they are completed.

Plaid Folkart

I would like to thank Shauna from Plaid Enterprises for all her help and generosity. For more information about the company and products they sell visit them on;

Facebook – Inspired by Plaid

Instagram – Plaid Crafts

YouTube – Plaid Crafts

If you’re feeling inspired then please share in the comments below. Do you have a project in mind? Drop us a line!

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