January 23, 2021
diy bottle pendant light

A Pulley Pendant Light For Versatile Lighting Needs

Imagine a light fixture that combines functionality with a industrial style decor.

Our friend, Vijay has put together a really cool pendant light that offers the ability to adjust the height of the light. With this pendant light he can easily adjust the light with a pulley system to whatever the situation dictates.

Hi Nick,

I hope you are all keeping fine. I just wanted to share my recent bottle craft work.
I have attached the pictures and I hope you will like them :-).
At last I have succeeded in building one “PULLEY PENDANT LIGHT” , after so many attempts, now it is working really well. The height of the lamp can be varied just pulling the lamp, and it stays there!!!

I am sure you will really like this. Thanks once again for your continued encouragement ! :-)



pulley pendant lamp

This adjustable pendant light offers a lot of choices. If you want to focus on a project that you have on your table simply pull down the lamp to illuminate your work area. When you’re finished, bring it back up and out of the way so you can still get around the table without bumping your head into it.

pendant light

The lighting that you get from these regular pendant lights is not too overwhelming. They give off a nice glow and you can still enjoy the atmosphere that they offer.

bottle lamp

We would like to thank Vijayaram for sharing his pendant lamp project with us. Vijay is a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website. He has shared not only his projects with us but also has offered tips that have helped fellow bottle crafting enthusiasts with their own projects.

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