July 2, 2020
Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Lighted Bottles by Julie

Julie emailed us a while ago about how to drill a square bottle. We will write an article and post her question and give tips on what to look for when drilling square bottles under our DIY Projects category.

In the meantime, Julie succeeded in drilling a square Jack Daniel’s bottle as well as an awesome looking Absolute bottle. Here is what Julie said in her email to us: “I finally suceeded drilling my Jack Bottle. Here are a couple pictures. I really like the ABSOLUT Bottle.”.

Lighted Jack Daniels Bottle by Julie
Lighted Absolut Bottle by Julie

Julie, thank you for sending in pictures of your lighted bottles.

We are delighted to see that you stuck with it and were able to drill a square bottle without breaking it :). We think both of your bottles filled with crystal gems turned out fantastic. Well done!

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9 thoughts on “Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Lighted Bottles by Julie

  1. Could you point me in a direction so I can purchase some of the crystal fill that was used in this recycled bottle project?

    1. Certainly Ellie, we have a link to purchase ‘Crystal Filler’ on our Supplies/Resources page here – https://www.bottle-lamp.com/resources/
      The bottle fillers are about half way down the page.

      This beautiful crystal filler from Amazon is only $8.99 for a 2 lb. bag. If you would rather not order online you can find similar fillers at your local craft store like JoAnn’s or even at large department stores. Look in the craft section for vase fillers.

  2. I noticed the crystal filler is about an inch, would I need more than a 2-3lb bag of it for a 3 liter jack Daniels bottle?
    Also how do you get the filler to hide the cord/lights?

    1. Sam,
      Your 2-3 lb. bag of crystal fill should be plenty. Using a long stick I would fill the bottle small amounts at a time to make sure that the light string was still concealed. Fill, adjust, and repeat. Once I was near the top it was easier to conceal what was left and guranteed that the lights would not settle to the bottom.

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