March 1, 2021
Handmade Bottle Crafts on Amazon

Amazon Handmade Bottle Craft Round-up

With the Holidays behind us already we will probably be taking our Christmas decor down this weekend. It all went by way too fast (by our standards and not the shopping stores that had decorations up before Halloween). The days still feel dark and gloomy and so it makes it even harder to take down these festive lights that seem to bring a small amount of warmth to our home. Leaving everything up until spring might be seen as being lazy with a little pinch of crazy on top. What’s the alternative? I’m glad you asked.

Decorative bottle decor on the Amazon Handmade store has always been a nice alternative to big box store’s ‘one size fits all’ concept. Each hand made bottle craft is carefully constructed and offers a unique item that is exclusive to it’s end user. Below you will find just a small sampling of the many bottle craft decorations that are available.

Corona pendant lamp made from the bottle

Courtesy of Was A Bottle

This pendant light has been made from Corona beer bottles. The bottle is diamond cut, sanded, polished and beveled leaving a smooth finish with no rough or sharp edges.

Jack Daniels Gentlemen Jack Bottle Lamp

Courtesy of Drunken Collectibles

Made from an up-cycled 1.75L Gentlemen Jack glass bottle with a Burnt Brown painted wooden base. Bottle lamp comes with an LED Daylight bulb, and the option to be purchased with or without a shade.

Welcome To Mermaid Avenue, Lighted Wine Bottle

Courtesy of Old Crows Treasures

This Beach Cottage Decor offers a clear lighted wine bottle. Lights can be turned off by a switch on the cork. Battery operated, it stands approximately fourteen inches tall.

Flowers, Music Score, Butterfly handmade artistic lamp

Courtesy of Bottles by Amelia

This handmade artistic Table lamp is lit with USB (standard size) rechargeable LED lights (no cord to plug in). Glass bottle is hand painted, coated with mod podge, paper napkin, decorative ribbon, and beads.

Night light recycle bottle lamp, fairy lights

Courtesy of Emerald Dreams Gift

This Recycle bottle lamp offers a unique one of a kind hand painted night light ready to ship. Beautiful during the day and when you plug it in at night it illuminates your house to create an amazing effect and Fairy tale mood.

We always like to remind everyone that when you purchase a handmade product, you are purchasing something that was made uniquely styled and fashioned. Never to be replicated.

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