January 26, 2021
Amazon Handmade Bottle Lamp Round Up Featured Image

Amazon Handmade Bottle Lamp Round-Up

If you are ever in need of a truly unique gift for that special someone than the hand crafted items on Amazon Handmade should be your shopping destination.

I’ve always enjoyed checking out what’s available from all the talented crafters that put their time and talent into all of their projects. If you want something that is hand crafted and not assembled on a factory line then check out all that these craft fairs and stores have to offer.

We found several bottle crafts on Amazon Handmade that we wanted to share with you. Uniquely designed and perfect to accent any room in your house.

Sugar Skull Silhouette Wine Bottle Lamp by Infinity Baskets and Gifts

Night Light Recycle Bottle Lamp by Emerald Dreams Gift

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp by Simply Treasures & More

Wine Bottle With Twinkle Fairy Lights by Wine Wicks and Gifts

The Warehouser Industry Recycled Whiskey Bottle by Moonshine Lamp Company

These are just of a few of the many bottle lamps that you can find in the Amazon Handmade Store. Be sure to check out the other items that these crafters sell. These unique bottle crafts make the perfect gift idea for your loved ones.

Do you have a favorite bottle craft on Amazon Handmade? Share it with us in the comments below. 

1 thought on “Amazon Handmade Bottle Lamp Round-Up

  1. These are all really impressive. I would always worry about how these items are shipped. Do any of these vendors offer package insurance?

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