January 26, 2021
Amazon Handmade Roundup

Amazon Handmade Bottle Lamp Roundup

Amazon has a huge selection of products but did you also know that they have a section just for crafters?

The Amazon ‘Handmade’ section has an ever growing collection of hand crafted items that are being sold directly from the crafters themselves. Below we have put together just a few of the many bottles that we found on the site.

Western Cowboy Boot Bottle/Table Lamp with LED Lights by Bottles Be Glowing

Bottles Be Glowing

Bottle Lamp by Lite Not Wine

Lite Not wine

Single Malt Scotch Bottle Liquid LED Desk Lamps by Bourbon and Boots

Bourbon and Boots

Southwest/Cowboy/Native American Dream Catcher style table lamp by CR Wine Bottles

CR Wine Bottles

Vintage Birds Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine Lady Co

We always like to remind everyone that when you purchase a handmade product, you are purchasing something that was made uniquely styled and fashioned. Never to be replicated. For more on that, check out 10 reasons why handmade is hands down the best by Clare.

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