October 23, 2020

Beer Bottle Lamps By Sean

Taking the time to recycle your used beer bottles is very commendable. Recycling glass is one thing but what if you were able to transform those bottles into something more then just a pile of crushed glass?

This was the inspirational moment for Sean who saw where his unique beer bottles were going and decided to do something about it. Sean wrote:

Hi Nick and Silke,

Last year I was returning some nice beer bottles (the kind that have nice Applied Ceramic Color Labels instead of paper labels) to the only place authorized to take beer & liquor bottles back.

I discovered that they do not reuse the bottles but immediately toss them into a bottle crusher. That’s when I decided to up-cycle the higher end ones.   I discovered a line of colored Compact Florescent Lights bulbs that are available in 8 colors including a UV Black light. The bulbs run on standard 120V AC and only consume 12 Watts each. Because they are CFLs they last approx 10,000 hours.

The bulbs which are standard medium screw base are placed in a lamp-type socket so when they do burn out they can be replaced.   I cut the bottles very close to the bottom of the bottle where the break line is not very noticeable.  A standard AC lamp cord with an inline switch, is fed through a rubber grommet and hole in the center rear of the bottle. Two addition small holes at the rear provide a chimney effect to vent the heat out the top. The color of the CFL light matches the color of the bottle for maximum effect.

The blue bottles get either a blue light or a UV black light. The dark brown bottles work best with a red light.  And it turns out that a pink light makes the paint on the Amsterdam Natural Blonde bottle fluoresce. 

Beer Bottle Light Collection

I am really quite obsessive about having a perfectly straight and clean bottle break. I purchased just about one of every bottle cutter on the market and found the best one so far to be Creator’s Glass Premium Bottle Cutter.

Regards, Sean

Beer Bottle Light Collection Lighted

If you have ever enjoyed a malty liquid refreshment before than these bottles will be right up your alley. Some of these designs are really clever and I would have been pretty hard pressed myself to just see them thrown away and crushed. “The bottle may be empty but the spirit lives on!”

Brutal-Rogue Beer Light

You can really tell what the light does to enhance the bottle design on this picture. The word “RISK” is aptly centered.

Vulcan-Blue Bottle Light


This decanter has it’s own unique shape that sets it apart from the others.

” I really love these lamps inside beer bottles because they are attractive and compact. However in case anyone is wondering, they scale up pretty well.  For example when I put one inside the larger beer bottles 650ml (1 pint + 6Fl Oz), of several breweries, the CFL lights tend to really light up the faces on the labels. I attached  photos (off & on) of a red bulb inside a Rogue Brutal IPA. And I also decided to try a wine bottle but I chose one with a curved neck and blue glass and a blue light.”

This is a really impressive collection of beer and wine bottle lamps!

I’ve never seen them put together this way before and I think Sean may be on to patenting his own style. I looked up the device that he uses to cut the bottles and it looks like it’s built solid and designed perfectly for the job.

We want to thank Sean for sending us his latest beer and wine bottle lamp projects.

Leave a comment below to let him know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Beer Bottle Lamps By Sean

  1. This is a really different take on the bottle lamps that I’ve made. Cutting the bottle to account for the bulb and electrical components is really quite a feat.

    I’m just as interested in the beers. The coffee one would be the best of both worlds for me personally. ;)

  2. Wow Sean its like putting a ship in a bottle and were all thinking how did you do that ? Super creative thinking Thank you for stretching my creative mind. Cheers!

    1. Hi Sean I would to see a video of how you make these are you planing on making one for the site anytime soon?

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