August 7, 2020

Blue Wine Bottle Lamp by Steve

We love receiving emails from our readers!

Especially when the email includes a picture of a finished bottle project. :)

Steve used a recycled Peter Mertes wine bottle for his DIY project. It’s a lovely blue bottle and happens to be one of our favorite German wines. Here is what Steve told us in his email:

“Hi Nick and Silke, Attached is a picture of my completed bottle lamp. I used a 1.5L bottle (Peter Mertes Riesling). The bottle is illuminated by a short 3/8” LED rope light with clear marbles used as reflective fill. A standard socket with a harp mount for the shade completes the top. Steve”

Blue wine bottle lamp
Wine Bottle Lamp by Steve

The LED robe light does a very nice job illuminating this bottle, don’t you think?
Thank you Steve for sending in your picture and allowing us to share it with our readers. We are certain your blue wine bottle lamp will be an inspiration to many.

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?
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4 thoughts on “Blue Wine Bottle Lamp by Steve

  1. My boyfriend wants to make one as a night light so basically without the shade but needs to know what kind of bit or cutting he needs to do to put light and cord in, etc. Can you help?

  2. Hi. I’m working on a DIY whisky bottle lamp. I was wondering if it is possible to put LED lights in the bottle and there be an option to just illuminate the LED with or with out the actual bulb of the lamp. Would I need a 3 way light socket?

    1. Kendra,

      You could wire the LED light string in line with your lamp. You will need a switch to operate the light string independently.
      Here are some videos that will help you with the process:
      Part I

      Part II

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