January 22, 2021
Pictures of recycled bottle art

Bottle Art Pictures By KS Vishnu

We love sharing bottle art pictures and what inspires our readers.

Take a look at the pictures of beautiful hand painted bottles that reflect the beauty of it’s creator’s craftsmanship. Decorative attachments, bold colors and brilliant brush strokes give these recycled bottles a new look and purpose.

Recycled orange crackle bottle art
Jute and red rose recycled bottle art
Blue cloth and robe recycled bottle art
Recycled bottle art by KS Vishnu

My inspiration behind the bottle. I am working as Postman here. I have some more free time than others because of less working time. Cooking, making such things and travelling are my hobbies. This free time I used to make such bottles. My girl friend and Youtube videos are helped me a lot. I wish to thanks those who helped me for making bottles.

Thanking you, Sincerely

KS Vishnu

We would like to thank KS Vishnu for sharing his hand decorated bottle pictures with us.

If you have been inspired by these bottle art pictures please leave a comment below. KS Vishnu has an Instagram account at: ks_vishnu_official

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