March 3, 2021
Was A Bottle Spotlight


Everything and anything that you can up-cycle a glass bottle into can be found at the Was A Bottle shop. From glass sets to bottle planters, you will find a nice selection of renewable products that will add to your home’s decor.

These recycled bottles have been re-purposed into these beautiful plant holders. Bring them indoors to give your outdoor area that little “touch of green” or you can hang them on your patio and deck.

The Bombay glass sets make the perfect house warming gift. A sturdy wooden base offers a classy look that will fit with any entertaining set. They also can double as plant holders.

Candle stands also known as storm candle holders can bring a nice ambiance to any room in your home. A wooden base offers a nice solid hand crafted appearance. The set comes with LED lights that will provide a safe alternative to a regular lit candle.

The Grey Goose tumbler set will be a conversation starter at your next party. These distinctly unique glasses make the perfect drink ware. Standing 6″ tall, with a good solid base, the appealing colors and frosted glass make them the perfect addition to anyone’s home.

No bottle part left behind! These bottle necks showcase wonderfully with your kitchen decor. Great conversation starters that make the statement I am ‘Environmentally conscious’.

What we have presented here is just a small sampling of what ‘Was A Bottle’ has to offer. Be sure to check out their store in the Handmade section on Amazon.

We always like to remind people that when they are looking at the Handmade shops on-line or in person, that the artistry and craftsmanship is truly genuine. Unique, one of a kind gifts or decorations is something that will distinguish your purchase from these stores.

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