August 3, 2020
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Bottle-Lamp Etsy Store Spotlight: Gr8LakesCrafts

Gr8LakesCrafts offers a large collection of bottle lamps to wall decor!

We are proud to present this Etsy store spotlight for this great bottle lamp store. We got a chance to correspond with Brittany, the shop owner, and get a little insight into her creative world.

B-L: How did you get started with bottle lamp making?

Gr8LakesCrafts: My fiancé and I had been collecting liquor bottles from events and anyone who would give them to us well over 5 years ago. We had just moved into our first home and were starting projects together and this was one of them that we had intentions on ‘getting around too’. But never did. Until recently.

We had made two huge Jack Daniels Bottle Lamps for our unfinished bedroom for fun years ago. I ordered cork stopper lamp kits from LTD and I used that as a starting point on how I was going to make lamps out of these bottles and others we had in storage.

Gr8LakesCrafts Etsy Store

I was decluttering my home this past year (5 years of stuff adds up quick) and I started figuring out what to keep and what I was going to do with everything I was keeping. So, I decided to start crafting again. And being a huge Etsy and Pinterest fan, I could not wait to set up shop and get going!

We designated the workspace area to be in our attached garage, purchased a new Dremel, wood, and lamp holders and got started. It took a couple of weeks for me to really figure out how I wanted to create them and be different than other crafters that I have seen online. Unique enough to give it a bit of character and still fit in any type of room in a home or living space.

Jack Daniels Gr8LakesCrafts

B-L: Do you get input from your family on creative ideas?

Gr8LakesCrafts: Yes! My fiancé helps me with different ideas on how to fabricate what I am currently working on. Especially for the bases and wood finishing. His mother is also very crafty. She helps me brainstorm ways to make something last longer. Or perhaps a better way to get the job done. She has been crafting for many years. So, I can always ask them if I am stumped or need a shopper’s opinion.

Wall Decor Gr8LakesCrafts

B-L: What influences your bottle craft projects?

Gr8LakesCrafts: It brings me back to living in my house with friends after high school. I wanted to get my good friend something unique for Christmas. She loved Jack Daniels Whiskey. There were commercial products that I could purchase, but nothing that she would really use. Not many crafters on eBay for these kinds of gifts at the time. I saw lamps then, but they were very expensive.

So, when we started brainstorming ideas on what we should do with all empty bottles, that was the first thing that came to mind. People like unique handmade gifts, especially when it is made into something they can use.

Mandarin Orange Gr8LakesCrafts

B-L: Do you take special request for orders?

Gr8LakesCrafts: Yes. We try to accommodate any requests a customer may have. I now have a larger collection of different liquor and wine bottles stocked up for requests. I also have contacts to retrieve other bottles upon request. I will have different bottle crafts coming up such as:

  • Soap Dispensers
  • Tiki Torches
  • Side Tables

We have had requests for the above mentioned, so we are going to keep producing more of what people want! If there is something else I have not mentioned, please contact me and I will see what I can do for you!

Check back periodically to see what we have added to the store! I will also be updating social media as we go along.

Patron Gr8LakesCrafts

B-L: How can people contact you?


Email –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Etsy –

The Gr8LakesCrafts Etsy store has a great selection of hand crafted items. Remember that when you buy handmade it also means that you are buying unique!

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts or favorite lamps that you’ve seen on Gr8LakesCrafts site.

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  1. What a great crafting story. I always admire people who are able to use the things and tools that are readily available to them and re-create them into something beautiful. I’m on my way over to the store now!

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