August 11, 2020

Bottle Lamps by Stephen

Three new bottle lamp creations from Stephen offer a variety of styles and flavors for everyone.

Each one of these bottles has it’s own unique design. The Corona bottle lamp offers a liquid fill that resembles the bottles actual contents. The Patron bottle lamp has sand and sea shells for a filler and the Pinch bottle lamp has a very distinct shape with a brightly colored lamp shade. Plus, each one of these unique lamps has a beautiful base to provide extra stability.

photo 3

Corona Lamp

Bottle Lamp by Stephen

Stephen wrote to us in an e-mail:

I was doing some of the craft fairs for awhile but setting up the racks, lamps, displays got to be taxing physically so I’m just displaying at a consignment shop in Old Hickory at the present.

We would like to thank Stephen for sending us these pictures. If your in the Old Hickory, Tennessee area stop by and check his lamps out first hand.

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2 thoughts on “Bottle Lamps by Stephen

  1. These are really good. If I was interested where would I go?

    It says -“consignment shop in Old Hickory”

    Where exactly is that? Google says TN.

  2. Stephen got back to us via e-mail:

    If anyone is interested in a lamp, my email is and the website is

    the location of my displayed lamps is:
    Issy’s Antiques
    1405 Robinson Rd
    Old Hickory, Tn. 37138

    Thanks Steve Collins

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