November 26, 2020

Bottle Lamps With Unique Styled Bases

We received a comment on one of our DIY Show Off posts that offered some really cool lamps.

I am Sandra from Lima – Perú, I would like to show my bottle lamps; in this Project I worked with Edwin Peña in assembly and José Puma with painting glass.
Thank you for the opportunity to show this.

mosaic bottle lamp

One of the first things that catches your eye on all these shots is the really cool base that she put together for these lamps. The nice clean white base really makes the bottle look like it’s set up on a pedestal. Shot at night with a really cool city-scape in the background, these lamps look like art pieces that are on exhibit in a museum.

bottle lamp white stripes alt

The white base on this lamp is slanted and gives it an ‘aväntˈɡärde’ feel.

bottle lamp white stripes

This base looks like a bottle opener and once again gives the lamp a unique style.

bottle lamp mosaic alt

bottle lamp mosaic

If you visit Sandra’s web site, objetoriginal, you’ll find her complete collection of lamps along with contact information.

Hola Chicos, deseo presentar la primera colección de lámparas elaboradas con botellas de vidrio recicladas, estar atentos a la segunda muestra que estará disponible a partir de noviembre de este año. Cualquier inquietud para venta o exposición les dejo mi correo electrónico


Hi Guys, I present the first collection of lamps made from recycled glass bottles, be alert to the second sample will be available from November this year. Any inquiries for sale or display leave my email 1601sandra

bottle lamp montage

We think the lamps look equally impressive even when the light is off. The mosaic pattern is highlighted on the white base once again show casing the design.

We would like to thank Sandra, Edwin Peña and José Puma for sharing their bottle lamps with us. Please leave her a comment in the section below and let her know what you think.

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