September 27, 2020

Centine Bottle Lamp By Patty

A Centine re-purposed bottle that offers both ambiance and a functional lamp is the latest project by Patty.

Patty was looking for just the right lamp shade to pull this bottle together and her perseverance paid off. She wrote:

I finally found a lamp shade for the 5 liter Centine bottle. It was no easy task, since I didn’t want it to be too big. Cork seemed like an appropriate choice, and since it was on clearance, so much the better!
My hubby wired the LED’s to a cord with a rocker switch, and we can turn on just the fill lights, or the fill lights and the lamp bulb. Since the bottle has been sitting for some time, while I tried to find a lamp shade, the fill lights have settled, and the hubs is going to add some more LED’s to the string.
It turned out as well as I imagined.
Centine Bottle Lamp
Centine Bottle Lamp

The lamp shade and tassel are the perfect combination! The cork lamp shade is perfect for on top of a wine bottle lamp. The lights inside the bottle will offer a nice feel to any room in your house.

We want to thank Patty for sending us her latest bottle lamp project. Be sure to check out the other DIY projects that she has contributed on this site as well.

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