August 7, 2020

Corona Shine Lamp by Steve

We received this amazing looking photograph of a Corona Shine Lamp. Steve Collins from Collins Bar Lamps has created this unique Beer Bottle Lamp.

We are always thinking of our readers, so before posting the photo of his latest creation we asked Steve if he would be willing to give away some of his secrets???

Scroll down for his answers. :)

Corona Beer Bottle Lamp

Take a look at some of his other liquid filled bottles here.

Here is Steve’s answer:

“The creation of the lamp is centered around the base which is constructed from a piece of 2×6 cut out round then shaped, tapered and sanded down to somewhat resemble a sand mound. Then the bottom is cut out using what is known as a Forstner bit to house an under the counter halogen light.

The top hole is cut out using a smaller Forstner bit to match the diameter of the light shining up. These bits are very expensive, so purchasing one or two means you will have to make up the cost somewhere down the line when you sell a few of the lamps (hopefully).

Also the cutting procedure requires the utilization of a modified drill press and is pretty tricky as well as risky! So be cautious in trying this!

Covering the base with glue and sand then adding the beer bottle with epoxy plus the shells.

The bottle is sprayed with frost for the chill effect and crystals are added too.

The beer is colored water incidentally! I couldn’t waste a real beer on the lamp! I may be creative, but I’m not crazy, lol!

At the present I have no lime wedge on the lamp or other lights incorporated, but I’m open to suggestions all the time as these are a work in progress.

I make different types and brands of beer and liquor lamps depending what is ordered, and I sell them for about $60 plus shipping.”

For more information email: or or visit Steve Collins on Facebook.

Thank you Steve for sharing your awesome Corona Beer Bottle Lamp and Tips on how to makes them.

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