October 30, 2020

Decorative Bottles On The Lijz Instagram Page

We wanted to share some of the many wonderful bottles found on this Instagram page.

Liji wrote:

“I am from Kerala, India . Been loving this concept of upcycling used bottles and thus this . Kindly look into my works of bottle designs . Would be great if you could add them to your Instagram account .”

I’m going to be up front about our Instagram account. We really haven’t worked with it much in quite awhile. That said, we still wanted to share some of Liji many wonderful bottle art crafts. Below we have included just a sample of the many bottles that she has decorated.

This lighted bottle came via e-mail.

Lijz lighted bottle

Lijz Instagram Page

A nice blue threaded bottle collection

Lijz Instagram blue bottles

Here is a better look at two of the bottles from the above collection.

Lijz Instagram bottles

Check out these decorative flower vases that are hand painted.

Lijz Instagram bottle rose

If you are interested in ordering your own hand crafted bottles be sure to PM Liji on her Instagram page.

We would like to thank Liji for letting us share her DIY Show Off projects.

Be sure to leave her a comment below.

Do you have a DIY project you would like to show off?

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