January 25, 2021
Bottle lamp DIY show off's by Jason

DIY Lamp Show Off By Justin

Showcasing unique lamp creations that inspire.

Justin Herbert submitted his photos and video via our DIY Show Off page. Be sure to follow Justin’s photo album on Google to see his latest creations.

Here is a look into his workshop, you can see the drill press and bit he uses to drill the hole into a recycled liquor bottle. (If you’re thinking of getting a drill press yourself, check out our WEN Drill Press Review.) Justin created a clever bottle holder and water well to make the job easier.

Drilling a glass bottle with a bench  mounted press drill

Justin, Tell Us About Your DIY Submission:

I guess you could say I’m obsessed with DIY lamps and lamp sculptures. I mean it’s a functional art form. What’s not to like about that. I have tried a lot of different art forms but this one really speaks to me. I just hope I can inspire people with my designs and see what others come up with.

I have some grand ideas for future projects and will post them here for others to see. Happy crafting!

Guitar Man Lamp

Guitar Man Lamp video

Check out how this Unique Lamp gets turned on and off. It’s soooo cool!

Liquor Bottle Lamps

Seagram 7 bottle lamp
This narrow bottle is complimented with a nice wooden base to give the lamp more stability.
Blue Liquor Bottle Lamp
By incorporating the original cork that came with this bottle you can be sure to have a more stable lamp neck.
Green Wine Bottle Lamp
The filler for this bottle lamp really compliments the bottle’s label.

Mason Jar Lamps

Mason Jar Bullet Lamp
Mason Jar Lamp with Rocks
Double Mason Jar Light

Recycled Bottles With Lights

Luksusowa bottle with lights
DIY show off - Lighted Tequila 1800 bottle
Recycled liquor bottles with lights

Unique Lighted Wall Decor

Unique wall decor

Thank you for sharing your DIY creations Justin!

You have inspired us and we are certain you have inspired lots of our fellow bottle crafters. Well done Justin!

Leave a reply for Justin in the comments section below.

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