August 3, 2020

Glass Bottle Lamps, Lights, and Blocks by Jim

Jim’s been busy with his bottle crafting and he has quite the line up to show case.

Why be confined to just glass bottles? By using the glass blocks that are usually associated with windows for bathrooms, Jim has redefined their purpose.  Through correspondence we soon realized that we both reside in the beautiful state of South Carolina. The state ribbons that he used to accent the piece should have been my first clue. ;)

South Carolina inspired Glass Block Light

No matter how the glass blocks are decorated, I bet they make a great conversation piece in any room.

The Famous Grouse bottle lamp will add  a bit of distinguished class to any room. The bottle has been filled to add stability and hide the lamp cord, and a brown lamp shade tops this liquor bottle.

famous grouse bottle lamp

This Bud Light bottle is unique with it’s battery operated light system. If you could take it anywhere why would you ever leave it behind? The blue Bud Light Platinum bottle also has a filler for stability and a string of lights for adding a touch of light where you need it.

Lighted Bud Light Bottle

Silke and I would like to thank Jim for sharing his bottle projects with us.

If you are interested in any of Jim’s pieces or if you would like to comment on them you can do so in the section below.

South Carolina Glass Block

Want to share your own project with the world?

Simply take a picture or two of your newly created masterpiece and submit it to the Bottle-Lamp website’s DIY Show Off pageIt’s easy to be featured… complete a short form and hit SUBMIT. That’s it!

1 thought on “Glass Bottle Lamps, Lights, and Blocks by Jim

  1. Hi…I really love these lighted bottles. I was scared to drill a hole in glass, until I viewed you video for drilling with a drill press. Now I can drill my bottles. I’m also making some of my lamps with wicks to use as oil lamps. Filling with stones. I also viewed your offer for a chance to win a lamp. Not sure if I’m at the right place. Please let me know. I also will try making the frosted bottle. Thank you so. Have a great day. Linda

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