August 11, 2020
Lamp made from a Gran Gala Liquor bottle

Gran Gala Bottle Lamp

As Barry shows us with his Gran Gala bottle lamp project, you can make an awesome lamp out of almost any liquor bottle.

You can even take your hand crafted lamp on the road with you. How awesome is that?

It’s been a while since we posted a DIY Show Off so I was very excited when we received the following email:

Hi Nick and Silke. I wanted to share one of the first bottle lamps that I made. I am fortunate to live very close to our local Mexican Cantina and have a good relationship with the owner who saves me all of their empty bottles from the bar. I used one of his provided Jack Daniels bottles and made him a nice lamp for his bar at home and he was very excited to have it.

The bottle I share with you today is one I made to use in our motor home when we are parked and touring the country. The steering wheel on our coach will re-position to provide a flat surface so I made a round table top to sit on top of the steering wheel, covered it with a nice table cloth and sit this attractive lamp right in the middle.

We have had many nice comments about this lamp so I suppose I need to make more and have to sell as we travel. Thank you for your guidance in bottle lamp making.

Barry M.

Lamp made from a Gran Gala Liquor bottle
Gran Gala Bottle Lamp

You are very welcome Barry and thank you for sending us your bottle lamp project!

What a great idea! Bottle lamps like this make great conversation starters, don’t they?
We wish you safe travels while you’re touring the country.

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2 thoughts on “Gran Gala Bottle Lamp

  1. While we were camping this spring, the camper next to us had a unique style that made him an instant conversation starter. Your bottle lamp will open many doors for you. Awesome lamp!

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