January 19, 2021

Introducing 8SIX9Design Vintage Industrial Modern Lighting

Salvaged clean cut bottles that are polished and prepped for a more modernistic look.

We were contacted by Damon from 8SIX9Design to showcase his Etsy store. With over 20 items to choose from, you will find a nice selection of styled lighting for any room in your house.

Whiskey Bottle Pendant Light
Upcycled Whiskey Bottle Pendant Light

You are looking at an up-cycled whiskey bottle, cut and polished… labels removed (optional)

Industrial Lamp For Sale On Etsy
Industrial Scissor Light Arm and Bracket

This Light is absolutely stunning and can accent any room in your home.

Upcycled Whiskey Bottle Lamp
Industrial Scissor Light Arm and Bracket “Upcycled Whiskey Bottle Edition”

Introducing The Upcycled Whiskey Edition Scissor Arm Bracket Wall Light!!

This Light is impressive to see in person, by mixing the Scissor arm kit along with the whiskey bottle pendants and the industrial pulley and turned them into a one of a kind light that you will see nowhere else!!

We would like to thank Damon for sharing his unique, one of a kind lamps with us.

If you would like to see more of the crafts sold from 8SIX9Design, be sure to check out his

Etsy store

Be sure to leave a comment below to let Damon know what you think of his projects.

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1 thought on “Introducing 8SIX9Design Vintage Industrial Modern Lighting

  1. Oh my gosh, these lamps are so amazing. Thanks for the link to their Etsy store I would never be able to make this myself. What a great find, I’m starting my holiday shopping early this year.

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