August 11, 2020
DIY Show Off - Recycled Bottle Project

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp by Sutton

Thank you Sutton for sending us a picture of your awesome Jack Daniels bottle lamp. It turned out excellent!

We asked Sutton if he had any comments about his bottle lamp making experience.

Here is what he said: “This was a first DIY project for me. I made the mistake of drilling too quickly and broke the first bottle. But being the jack daniels enthusiast that I am, another bottle was empty soon enough and I took my time the second time. Gave it to my roomate as a birthday present, we both enjoy it. Im a college student living in a frat house so it seemed more than appropriate! Thanks for the inspiration.”


Santa Clara, California

DIY Show Off - Recycled Bottle Project
Sutton’s Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

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