September 27, 2020
Unique wine bottle stopper

Kokopelli Bottle Lamp By Patty

Patty sent us this very unique and adventurous looking bottle lamp that incorporates a Southwest style.

We’ve been using this filled, unadorned bottle as a night light for almost a year, because I couldn’t find a stopper I liked. Leave it to a local etsy seller to customize something for me. I added some beads and feathers to round it out. It’s nice to be able call it “finished!”

Kokopelli is a local(ish) Arizona winery, and since our living room has a bit of a cowboy and Indian theme, I knew that I wanted to transform one of their bottles for it.

Kokopelli Bottle Lamp
Kokopelli Bottle Lamp

What is a Kokopelli?“Kokopelli was the predominant figure in the religious landscape of the Southwest, from 500 A.D. through 1325 A.D., until the development of the Katsina Cult. Kokopelli is most typically viewed as a fertility deity, and is still worshipped by many Native American tribes in the Southwest. He is also thought to be a trickster, traveling salesman, insect, musician, warrior and hunting magician.” courtesy

Going the extra step to get ‘just the right’ decorative piece paid off big time. It’s that extra effort and attention to detail that make this bottle lamp that much more complete.

We want to thank Patty for sending us her latest bottle lamp project. Be sure to check out the other DIY projects that she has contributed on this site as well.

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