October 22, 2020

Lighted Bottles by Sterling, Fish and Twins

After Charles from Sterling, Fish and Twins downloaded our eBook a few weeks ago he had several questions and wasn’t shy about sending us a lengthy email. It’s a good thing he did. We gladly replied to his inquiries as best we could and are very happy to share his first three completed bottle projects below.

Charles recently send us a Facebook message giving us permission to share his pictures and stating: “I’d like to thank you, and your wife for being so cool, and supportive in all this. Thank you for your time.”

You are very welcome Sterling, Fish and Twins, we wish you guys much success with your bottle lamp making business. 

St. Chateau Michelle Wine Bottle Lamp Night light

This Jack Daniel’s Bottle Lamp has a very cool and unique looking lamp shade.

Jack Daniel’s Bottle Lamp

When we complemented his bottle on Facebook Charles said: “Gracias! To be honest, you’ll have to give credit to my wife for that, the lampshade was all her.”

That’s so awesome! :)

Lighted Jack Daniels bottle

This is probably the coolest smaller lamp/nightlight I’ve made so far. I made it for my daughter Miranda’s 17th birthday.

It turned out perfect.

We like the colors & crystal fill in this lighted Jack Daniel’s bottle as well.

Check out Charles and his wife Naomi’s Facebook page here.

What do you think of Sterling, Fish and Twins lighted bottles? Have you been properly inspired? Leave us a comment below.

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