August 6, 2020
Glass Vase Lamp

Lighting An Upcycled Glass Vase

Recycling and re-purposing glass bottles into lamps has always been the main theme with the bottle lamp site.

Our friend Murray opened the door to more glass possibilities when he re-purposed a glass vase with lights. Take a look at the email and pictures he sent us.

Hi Nick,
I hope all is well with you folks.
A few years ago we were at a wedding and as guests we were given a very tall, sleek, vase, the kind that are 2 to 3 ft tall.  We never had any thing to display in it and it was just gathering dust. Recently it was time to give it away or recycle it when I had a thought – why not upcycle it into a bottle lamp? Well, technically I guess I should call it a vase lamp. 

Despite its huge height, double tapered shape, and its glass that is a robust 1/4 inch thick, it scored and cut perfectly. The tallest liquor bottles I have are Grey Goose so I put one beside the finished vase to show the contrast. The finished vase now sits in our living room where it has become a great conversation piece.

Cheers, Murray 

Short Guy and Tall Gal Shine - Cropped
Glass Vase Lamp


What an impressive Glass Vase Lamp!

You have to give credit to someone who can look beyond an every day item and imagine something more. Even if you wanted to add some floral arrangement to this you would still benefit from having it light up an area in your room. We would like to thank Murray for sharing his glass project with us. It is also worth mentioning that he cuts all of his glass projects with the Creator’s Bottle Cutter.

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Make a lamp from glass vase.
Reflections From The Lamps

Before you move on be sure to leave Murray a comment and tell him how much you like his glass vase creation.

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2 thoughts on “Lighting An Upcycled Glass Vase

    1. Steve, thanks for you comments. A bottle cutter that has a flat base and is sturdy is a definite asset. I likely would have been fine with a 6 ft tall vase instead of 3.
      Cheers, Murray

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