October 30, 2020

Mosaic Bottle Lamp by Deborah

Deborah sent us several emails with pictures of her in-progress Mosaic bottle lamp.

We love what we’re seeing so far and I wanted to share her creations, questions and Nick’s replies with you.

She said the following in her email: “I am not finished with the mosaic yet on my bottle but I need to buy a small harp. I have a hole in the back where I can feed the electrical wire through. I am also thinking a string of lights inside the bottle would look pretty through the mosaic. I will send you a picture. I am making the lamp for my 5 year old niece in her favorite colors. I will also send a picture of mosaic bottle with a string of lights inside that I finished. Thanks for any help of suggestions. I am not mechanical.”

Nick replied with: I’m going to direct you to one of our videos: How to Splice Wires for Bottle Lights – Bottle Lamp Making Part 1 This should answer any questions you have about the process. We would really like to see your lamp that you’ve made for your niece. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Deborah, I did find an 8 inch pewter lamp harp on Amazon, that will hopefully work for the Patron bottle, it’s only $7.82. Click this link to take a look at the lamp harp.

Bottle Lamp

DIY Bottle with glass mosaic

Mosaic Bottle

I totally agree with Nick when he told Deborah “This looks awesome. The mosaic art work offers an exceptional amount of detail to your project.”.
We will post a picture of her finished Patron Bottle Lamp as soon as we receive it.

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