January 25, 2021
Bottle Cutting DIY Video

Murray’s Best Way to Cut Glass Bottles

In this DIY video our friend Murray shares his bottle cutting technique with everyone.

I have used the Creator’s Bottle Cutter for a while now and it seems to be the over-all consensus that it really is the best bottle cutter on the market. Murray’s video builds on this tool, he also showcases his bottle separation technique. Very informative video… take a look for yourself:

Murray’s Best Way To Cut Glass Bottles Video

Murray Creators Bottle Cutter Video

A process to perfectly cut Beer, Alcohol, Wine, and other bottles for bottle art, craft, bottle lamps, and up-cycling.

Do you have an old turn table on hand? Then you already have a jump on how you can make Murray’s bottle cutting technique work for you. The video goes on to explain the details, the above image is a link to the video so see for yourself.

Are you impressed with the Creator’s Bottle Cutter’s performance in the video and wondering where you can purchase your own? It’s offered on Amazon for under $100 including free shipping.

Creator’s Cutter

If you’re looking for some new and exciting projects to do with your newly cut bottles be sure to check out these really cool crafts our readers have sent in. Check out our DIY Show Offs.

We would like to thank Murray for sharing his video with us. If you have any questions or want to get in contact with Murray please feel free to comment below.

Do you have a bottle crafting video or DIY Show Off you would like to share with us? Visit our About Us page to send us an email. We are always happy to hear from our readers.


3 thoughts on “Murray’s Best Way to Cut Glass Bottles

  1. Oh wow, this is exciting! I can do this with some of the empties that are laying around in my back yard. As a bonus I’ve got two turn tables at my mamma’s home.

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