November 27, 2020
Hanging Wine Bottle Light

Paul Masson Wine Bottle Hanging Light

Here is a bottle craft maker thinking outside of the box by turning a large wine bottle into a hanging light.

We are very happy to be able to share the following pictures with you. It’s always fun and awe-inspiring to see the projects our fellow DIY’ers come up with. Christopher sent us the following message in his email:

Nick, I want to say a big thank you to you, for Posting my Bottle Project on your website and on FB. I am attaching another Project I just did, with a Paul Masson Wine Bottle.

Wine Bottle Crafts

This Bottle was Big, so I thought, why not use some Chains to Hang the Bottle. It came out good, and someone has already Purchased this Bottle from me for 10/- Bahraini Dinars, that is 26 USD. Well, that’s it from me, once again. Thank You.  

Lighted Wine Bottle

Hanging Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle Lamp

Your hanging bottle light turned out very nice and we are excited for you. Wow, you sold your creation quickly and probably made a nice little profit. Good for you! :)

We would like to thank Christopher for taking the time to send us his photos, for purchasing our book and for being a valued member of our bottle crafting community.

Other Lighted Bottle Projects By Christopher

Be sure to leave him a comment and tell him how much you like his latest bottle creation.

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