August 3, 2020

Rex-Goliath Bottle Lamp by Patty

We are excited to have received another email with a finished bottle project from Patty.

Thank you, we love to hear from you.
Patty says the following in her message; “The 1.5 liter Rex-Goliath is finished. This time, we added a lamp kit in addition to the fill lights. Between the socket switch, and the in-line rocker switch, one can turn on both or just the fill lights.

Wine bottle lamp
1.5 liter Rex-Goliath Wine Bottle Lamp

Is it a coincidence that Patty used our favorite wine bottle for her crafty creation? I think not :). As you can see the Rex-Goliath wine bottles make wonderful lamps. Well done Patty!

Take a look at Patty’s lighted blue bottles here. They look awesome!

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