November 28, 2020

Set of 4 Lighted Bottles by Mary

We received this email along with a picture from Mary, she gracefully allowed us to share it with you. :)

I have completed my first set of 4 bottles and have attached a photo of them
(with their lights off). My husband drilled the holes in the bottles,
thanks to your excellent “How To” video. We made these bottles for our 4
grandchildren as momentos of their visit with us at the shore…you will
note the theme of fish, shells or waves depending on the particular aspect
of the ocean that was appealing to each child. I put glass marbles in the
bottom of the bottle, some shells and sea glass on top and decorated the
yarn, rafia and ribbon tied on the bottle with glass and wooden beads. We
are anxious to see how they like them this Christmas, especially when the
lights are turned on. Thank you again for sharing your expertise on the


set of 4 lighted bottles
Four Lighted Bottles by Mary

Mary, thank you so much for sending in your picture. We think your bottles are beautiful, each one being a little bit different and unique. Your grand children and their parents are sure to love and treasure them.

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1 thought on “Set of 4 Lighted Bottles by Mary

  1. Love your site, I love to do lighted bottles, but never have drilled them. I pull the cord out top and decorate cord and use colored stones and make grapes on outside and other stuff. But I’m excited about trying the drilling. I make wind chimes out of all kinds of bottles, I wanted to use the blue beer bottles and have lights in them, now if I can drill the bottles and fix the lights and it should be really awsome. Thanks for your site.

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