January 23, 2021
Bottle crafts by Sonny's Metal Art

Sonny’s Metal Art Bottle Crafts

Showcasing industrial style lamps and a candle holder from discarded objects.

Sonny’s suggestion to fellow crafters is always try doing new stuff. He tells us that he gets most of his supplies on the internet and flea markets.

Before taking a look at the unique bottle lamps and candle holder pictures Sonny sent us for our DIY Show Off page, take a moment to like Sonny’s Metal Art page and check out his craft videos on Facebook.

Most of the bottles Sonny uses in his designs are liquor bottles.

Bottle Lamp DIY Show Off

How did you attach the skull to the base? The skull is held on by drilling a hole in the bottle top and putting in a threaded rod for lamps in the hole. Then I glue a fitting to the top and screw that into a pipe fitting. I find the top that is used in bars for poring liquor works great. You just need to remove the metal spout and insert a threaded lamp rod.

The following dual purpose steam punk lamp is not an old fashion radio like I thought, it’s some kind of electrical tester.

Do you know what kind of tester this is? Leave us a comment below.

And last, but not least, we have a cut bottle candle holder.

Are you interested in learning how to cut your own bottles? Check out our Beer Bottle Cutting 101 article explaining the glass cutting process and tool suggestions.

We appreciate Sonny’s creativity and thank him for allowing us to share his work on our DIY Show Off page.

Visit Sonny’s Metal Art website to get in contact with him or to commission a lamp or other unique art piece. He’s working to bring dreams to life!

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3 thoughts on “Sonny’s Metal Art Bottle Crafts

  1. Really cool, Sonny!

    I’m making a similar lamp but I’m struggling to find a bulb and socket that will fit (.68 in diameter).
    Where did you find your bulb and socket and how did you find one with the dimensions you needed?


  2. Hello , I can’t find the web site I got those from. Try google LED bulbs or small LED. The one I use is a LED GY6. It shows it as a .75″ diameter.If I remember correctly, I had to file the bottle opening a bit to make it fit.

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