June 5, 2020

Starbuck Iced Coffee DIY Lamp/Nightlight

Here is a DIY idea from Alechia for all of you Starbuck Iced Coffee drinkers.

I love drinking Starbucks coffee. I hated to throw away the bottle that my coffee came in and I thought the new Starbuck coffee bottle was cool looking. I went to an antique store in another town not far from my house about 15-20 minutes. I live in a very small town. We only have a gas station and food store and 2 beer stores. We just got the beer store last summer. So you can see I had to travel some. The nearest craft store is about 30 minutes from my house. Like I said I went to an antique store. My boyfriend loves going antique shopping.

We stepped in to this nice little shop and in one of the booths this lady made some wine bottle lamps. Some she painted and some she left the way they were. I got to thinking that I have some bottles that my coffee drink come in. Then I was thinking of some kind of a lighting for the top. All I had was the lighting snap-in socket. You know the kind that come with village houses that are made for mini-houses to use as a nightlight. I put a hole in the lid and pushed the socket into the hole.

My boyfriend loves it! I now use it as a nightlight. I want to do more because I will be saving something from the trash. I have more bottles that are the Starbuck coffee bottle with out labels. I want to try painting them and adding a light to top or inside the bottle.

Starbuck lamp

Starbuck nightlight

Alechia, as avid coffee drinkers ourselves we found your project very interesting.
Nick made Caribou Coffee lamps filled with coffee beans before, but never used the small iced coffee bottles. Your night lights turned out very cool. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

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