January 26, 2021

Tequila Bottle Lamps by Roberto

Nick and I received this wonderful email along with several pictures of finished bottle lamps from Roberto Gomez this afternoon:

“Hello Silke and Nick.  My name is Roberto Gómez. I´m live in Guadalajara México.
Since a long time I have the idea for making my own lamps made from bottles, a few weeks ago I saw your page on the web and finally I decive to start making my lamps.
You´ll see the first lamps made of tequila bottles.

Bottle Lamps by Roberto

The most expensive part I added to the lamp was the dimmer, it costs 28 pesos ( around $2.10 dollars) and the rest of the parts costs around $2.60 Dollar

I got the bottles from the garbage.

I show the bottles to my friends, parents and relatves and all they get agree whith the idea.
Finally one of they got twice lamps and put them on his handcraft store… two days after one lamp was buyed in 12 dollars.

Actually I´m thinking the way to add LED ligts and put inside the bootle.
Please let me share to you some pictures of may lamps.

best regards”

We are truly impressed with the way your bottle lamps from recycled Tequila bottles turned out. You have been very busy. Good for you for being able to make a little profit by selling your bottle lamps as well.

Very clever idea to add a dimmer switch to your bottles. This helps conserve energy plus you don’t have to unplug the lamp when not in use.

Dimmer Switch for Bottle Lamps


Don Julio Bottle Lamp Green Bottle Lamp Herradura bottle lamp


Roberto, Thank you so much for sharing your bottle lamps with us and our readers.

Good luck with your new hobby/business venture.

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